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E Cost Estimation

Providing material takeoff and cost estimation services throughout the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Material Takeoff

Whether you have blueprints on paper, or digitized designs, we offer takeoff and documentation services to make sure you are spot-on with your procurement for timely completion of your project within your budget.

Construction Estimation

Have a design but not sure of the expenses? Or do you have a general budget cap in mind and need a breakdown of the entire project. With us, we can get you the right numbers without you having to lift as much as finger.

Project Management

And if you still need help… well we have you covered. We can come in and help you carry out your construction task or project using industry-standard practices and stringent operating procedures ensuring maximum delivery.

Why Outsource to Us?

Design & Construction

We can help bring your dream structure, building or home to life on paper and even on screen. Following that we can help carry the whole project from start to finish

Service & Operations

We have the staff needed to take on tasks and projects of all sizes and requirements. We offer design and building services apart from legal and logistics consultation

Commercial & Residential

Whether you're looking to make money or just have a roof over your own head, we know you’ll be investing time, money and energy. And that’s where we come in

Renovations & Remodeling

Whether you want to put up a wall or bring it down, we’re here to help. We take on projects of all requirements and remodelling or renovations is a walk in the park for us

How Do We Achieve This?

Domain Expertise

The people we employ are experts of their skill and field with not only a network of professionals to bring to the table, but be clockwork precise with their solutions and findings

Work Ethics

Our staff members are professionals of their disciplines and further trained to strictly adhere to stringent policies and SOPs put in place for transparency and openness

Accredited Services

We are registered with multiple authorities and regulatory bodies ensuring that our practices and policies are aligned with the legal and safety related standards in place

Digital Solutions

At ECostEstimation we couple our domain experts with digital designers and software experts so each project is handled with a digital approach ensuring efficacy and transparency

Competitive Rates

Our pricing is right on the edge since we have a very clear definition of sticking to the budget. We make sure that our own fees don’t leave you in awe the way do our competition.

Corporate Presence

Settled in the heart of USA, we have a network of professionals, whether domain-based or legal to handle all kinds of construction tasks, even beyond borders

Verification Procedures

Our information verification process is water tight for all kinds of leads, whether it be a contractor looking to offer services, or a user signing up offering work, everyone is vetted thoroughly.

Costing Database

We have our own internal database of costs, prices, rates and other soft and logical resources which enables us to stay abreast of every happening construction related.

Professional Network

Our experts bring with them decades worth of professional experience based off of which we have a one-of-a-kind approach and hindsight for each project we take on.

About us

Our primary function in the industry is bid preparation for contractors everywhere.

Our history in bidding and setting up contracts has been successful due to our ability to understand the difference between the bottom line and making a profit.

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