ECostEstimation has been in existence for well over a decade with a solid foundation and reputation in the leads generation and contractor/project estimation arena

Providing quantity takeoffs and cost estimates on all trades, for the following kinds of constructions. Click on the tabs below to read our success stories.

E - Cost Estimation


Our primary function in the industry is in hard bid preparation for contractors and subcontractors nationwide.

Our team virtually covers every aspect of a construction project.

With our diverse experience and standardized practices, we meet and exceed all of our client’s expectations

ECost Estimation provides cost estimation services for builders and subcontractors of UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand

ECost Estimation provides cost estimation services for builders and subcontractors of UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand


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Our approach, no matter who the client or what size of the project includes, is engineered towards quality assurance and 100% adherence to safety measures and standards

Step 1-
Kickoff Meeting

We take on your project by first delving deep into your requirements and your approach. Once we understand what it is that you actually want out of the service, we put on our thinking caps and come up with your options. We have digital resources which allow us to produce designs and experiment without laying a single brick. In this way, before you say yes to us, you know exactly what it is that you are saying yes to!

Step 2-
Details Quantity Survey

With everything discussed, approved and documented, our engineers take the documentation and get to work. Architects, developers, contractors, and engineers all come together where necessary to produce the corresponding take-off.

Step 3-
Costs, Fees and Charges

Once our team has been through the documentation, they have a clear understanding and documented reports of what is needed and how much. Material pricing including procurement charges, labour costs included wage agreements and crew sizes and last but not least, equipment costs including rentals and purchases will be presented in a detailed report, with information sourced from up to date resources, and verified where applicable by the data provided by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Step 4-
Planning for the Long Run

With the base estimates in place, we look at factors that can affect these schedules in the long run or due to the more unlikely and unforeseen circumstances. Due to the lengthy periods of construction, factors such as weather conditions, staff overhead, taxation and public/national holidays/events are also taken into consideration.

Step 5-
Double Checking

After this process of development, the information is presented in its final form to our Senior Cost Manager whose sole purpose is to ensure that the numbers, which are about to be presented to the client are in check. It is his job to highlight any inconsistencies and overestimations. This is the Cold Eyes Review.

Step 6-
Project Completion

This is the point when all the information is handed over to the client, the numbers ready in a report for further perusal or to take action against. Our reports are delivered in PDF read-only formats so these numbers can be handed over to any professional or contractor without any ambiguities or concerns.

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